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Since I feel so sorry for the consumer surfing the Internet hoping to find good quality steroids and service I had to sit down to share some tips with you. It’s not easy to know what to buy and where to buy it. Obviously there must be a lot of fakes out there for sale since every website clearly states that they are one of the few not selling you fake product. Where to turn for answers? Most of the steroid forums seem to have banned any discussion about the subject where to purchase steroids. It’s ok to ask how much to take and how to stack them together but asking for a source not. I smell double moral here, it’s for your safety they say, but what could be more unsafe then purchasing fake or underground steroids by mistake?

So now we surf the net and in most cases we end up with pages filled with extra prices and photos of smiling doctors in white coats. Do they make you feel safer? There are other things to look out for.

How about the website? Does it look like an amateur did it over a night? Maybe that’s the case? Why invest time and effort in a website that just going to be around short while collecting money from confused consumers before being closed down? Sometimes the store is just a standard script running when you fill in products and prices & some text maybe. This can look very professional, but if the website has been around for a while some more personal modifications should be there as well.

Pictures, are they just gathered around from the Internet? Digital cameras are not that hard to get nowadays. If they can deliver, they probably could take their own pictures too? U will see soon if most of the pictures looks like they where taken with the same camera at the same location etc.

And the products, some of them are more risk for being fake then others. Primobolan is the worst case of them, both the inject depo and the tablets. The deca from Oregon is also typically fake, or sustanon from Nile co. We are getting famous for our real sustanon by now. When pictures are coming in to discussion boards of real sustanon people do want to know where they are coming from. Please help your brothers and share this information with them. The situation is so bad I wouldn’t use any of those products bought from the Internet without sending in a high quality digi-photo at one of the many fake discussion boards out there.

There are lines of products that are called underground products, they are not made by real pharmaceutical laboratories. Some of them are not bad, or sometimes the most batches made are good, but not always. And sometimes they are under dosed to make more money and not produced under sterile conditions at all. If you don’t know what you are doing I would recommend you to stay away from any underground brands out there.

Underground brands are cheaper then the original brands. That’s why people buy them. If you don’t have the money to pay for real steroids you should look for money instead of steroids to begin with. This is a way to protect your self from health problems in the long run. It’s a good to know what you are putting in your body.

Service? How about the email response? Of course the store is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week because a shopping cart script is automatic. E-mail response is not automatic so this is a good way to find out how active the website is. If it takes 4 days to get a reply they probably don’t deliver fast. Sometimes the business is gone long time ago but the website is still lying out there on the Internet. Try to send an email before you place your order.

Prices, now be careful. Products that where made of real pharmaceutical companies do not come extra cheap sometimes, or at special sale after Christmas. This is the reason why they are not “cheap” on the Internet sometimes. Unless they where stolen from the company or more likely fake products. The competition in the steroid sale is already hard also just in between the real websites serving customers long run and the prices are usually pretty stable.

Those who just think short term, collecting your money without any delivery, or delivery of fakes. They have an interest in a bigger turnover straight away and of course a lower price will help motivate the consumers. Very expensive for you

A physical contact address on the website. Well since a Internet base business hardly gets any mail or visits anyway I would say this is false security. An anonymous re-mailing address at many locations is the world can be bought for a few hundred dollars. Or why just not take any address? No one would notice anyway. Unless you live around the corner.

Please, be very very very careful where you spend your money on the www.cheapestgear4u.com

If you have any comments or suggestions about this guide I will be happy to hear about them. Please contact me from my website.

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